Fun With Friends!

A while ago Penny and Isadora’s friends came over.

TOP: Penny, May, Muffin the dog
MIDDLE: Coconut the dog, Isadora, Kacie, Lily, Madison the dog, Jewel

“Steady, steady”
Wait for us!
By the chickens
More fun
So sunny….
What’s back here?
Oh hello!
Want me to take a picture?

Meet The Dolls

Welcome to my blog. This blog is all about my OG and AG dolls!☺

I got Isadora as a used OG doll from a neighbor.She was my first 18″ doll
Nickname: Issie
Age: 12
Food: Hot dogs
Movie: The Wizard of Oz
Pet: Her Maltese, Coconut
Color: Pink!
Animal: Dog
TV show: The Great British Baking Show
Song: Get of My Back from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron
What she wants: Nothing much. But an AG doll wouldn’t hurt
Fact: She likes cooking but dislikes baking, while Penny is the baker of the two and she isn’t the best cook
I got Penny for Chirstmas 2018. She is my first AG doll and she is Truly Me #67
Nickname: Pen, Pen-Pen
Age: 11
Food: Mac and cheese
Movie: The Greatest Showman
Pet: N/A
Color: Light Purple
Animal: Horse
TV show: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Song: Best day of My Life by American Authors
What she wants: A pet. Any kind works.
Fact: She will somtimes don a leotard and dance around

I got Coconut with Isadora. She is an OG dog
Nickname: Coco
Age: She’s a puppy
Food: Anything and everything
Fact: Even though she has her own bed, she loves cuddling with Isadora in her bed!